ESSER Funds To End

The U.S. Department of Education announced that the ESSER federal funds will be coming to an end in September, causing administration and teacher layoffs across the country.

But, that doesn’t mean it will have an effect on some Panhandle schools.

ESSER grants helped school districts return to in-person classes safely during COVID, as well as staffing teachers and tutoring programs within the districts.

According to  Assistant Superintendent of Bushland ISD Tom Giles, Bushland ISD received a little over $800,000 spread over the three years from ESSER, and they used those funds to supplement our staff,

 The halt in federal funding coming to an end has caused gaps in school budgeting for many districts without any way to bridge the gap, leading to layoffs.

Other Districts in the area could be affected they could feel the effect of the lack of federal funding, but others that planned ahead will not feel the long-term budget effects.

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