EOW-Wellness And Fitness

We’re talking wellness,  just plain and simple.

If a dose of pumping iron doesn’t do it for you, cross-training might. 

Typically, you start this training during the winter months, but if you have more immediate goals, you can start now.

Mix it up and see what it does for your workouts. and keep you mentally refreshed

Try Cross-country skiing. It may not be accessible to you now, but cross-country skiing is the best cardiovascular workout you can do..

Working bones, muscles, and joints- barring crashes or falls, will relay to your body as well as your mind.

Hiking -Embracing the great outdoors and ascending a mountain pass on your  It’s also may be exactly what you’re after  

 It also maintains glutes, quads, and hamstrings, and puts your mind at ease.

Yoga-Pilates- The physical benefits of yoga pilates are notable psychological as they not only increase your strength, and flexibility but also Improves your focus to benefit your, well-being and relax your mind.

On Behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, be well and stay healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for KGNC

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