EOW Training Tips Review

For the past two weeks, we’ve talked about what it takes to get mentally ready for a competition.

Let’s review, we’ve set our dreams, goals, and mission,. Just think it through, you have to believe to achieve.

Next is mental toughness, You can’t teach that but you have to have it. Concentrate on excellence shrug off negatives and failures, and be confident of your ability and training.

Patience this is a hard one. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and training takes more than one day, a week, or a month. 

Commitment and tenacity to push through to the end, You have to have these, ot it’s all for nothing.

And finally consistency and routine. You’ve spent weeks, maybe months preparing for your race.

You’ve worked out even when you did not want to.

The routine and consistency in your training will now pay off.

Stay confident in your training routine and consistency and I’ll see you on the winner’s podium.

On behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, Be Well and Stay Healthy, I’m Chuck Williams For Eye on Wellness on KGNC

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