EOW-Stress and the 70+ Body

Stress and the 70+ Body

The older we are, the more damage chronic stress can cause to our health.

Here are some ways to ward off the bug… Let’s call them release valves..

Ask for help. Let’s say you’re experiencing stress over your finances. Ask a professional or someone you trust to sit down and help you work out a budget.

Take stress breaks, after all, to charge your phone you have to plug it in. To charge your brain you have to unplug it. Look for opportunities to stop multitasking.

Smile inwardly to signal to your body that all is well. Take a deep breath. Inhale visualizing air coming from the bottom of your feet through your body and filling your lungs. Then exhale as you follow this sequence in reverse.

Walk…Movement is an easy stress releaser. You don’t have to go outside. Simply standing up and walking around the living room for a few minutes can help break out of any stress cycle you may be locked into.

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