EOW Patience

This week we’re going to start on a negative note. No matter the dream, commitment or goal, it all goes to nothing, if you don’t have patience.

Too many times, I’ve seen women and men who’ve trained to the max, only to blow up after a mile into a marathon knowing they have 24 miles to go.

It takes supreme patience to be a good runner or cyclist.or swimmer in your approach to  training.

That’s why you’re training has to be long-term. You can’t reach the podium stand with only three months of training.

Achieving true peak performance requires months, even years, not hours or days.

Patience is necessary and you must be ready for the long, uphill climb.

An Impatient athlete starts off a workout with a set of intervals that are too fast, without form, and fades at the end.

In a race that leads to the same thing starting too fast, attacks and limps at the end.

This is a result of being on a passionate mission, only in this case, you have dedication and determination working against you.

You have to learn to be your own coach.

Remind yourself before a workout to remain emotionless, early on to finish stronger a crucial moment that is the race.

On Behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, Be well and stay healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for KGNC

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