Don’t let stiffness and inflexibility slow you down. Here’s some exercises to keep you moving.

Reverse Lunge with side bend.. Start with feet together. Start with right leg back into a reverse lunge, both knees bending and pelvis tucked forward, Squeeze your right glute and reach your right arm overhead , and bend your torso to the left and reach your left arm across the body. Repeat the last rep and hold for ten seconds. This exercise helps your hip flexors and lower back.

Now Squat to forward fold…start with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and bend forward to grab your toes or ankles.

Drop into a deep squat, keeping your chest up, and engage hamstrings as you lower. As you bottom out use your elbows to push against your knees and create tension in your butt and hamstring… Hold for ten seconds. then tuck your head down and lift your butt up, straightening legs only as much as you can without losing contact with your toes or ankles.. Do this move , two more times.

On Behalf of BSA Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be Well and Stay Healthy.. I’m Chuck Williams and I’ll catch you next week on Eye On Wellness on KGNC

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