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An interesting note to building strength is building energy. This is true for cycling, running, or general health aspects

Much of an extreme effort, like a long climb or sprint or climb, bathes your muscles in lactic acid and given time to recover such as a descent in cycling, the muscles partially clear themselves until the next hard effort.

Here’s how to combat the lactic acid buildup.

Run or ride hard for long distances.. This type of high-intensity of endurance work helps to raise your VO2 max. Be advised the aerobic maximum is largely determined by your genetics.

Use interval training to raise your anaerobic threshold and will not disrupt the high-intensity efforts of lactic acid.

For cyclists train with hill repeats and other hard efforts to teach your body to tolerate increased amounts of lactic acid, and continue above the anaerobic threshold for longer periods which is important for climbing or sprinting. Matter of fact, hard efforts are good for runners and swimmers.

Don’t forget to get into the weight room. Weight training and hard sprinting will increase the size of your quads and other muscle groups involved in pedaling and/or running.

To become a better runner and improving power, is helpful because it results in a greater quantity of the chemical that increases your musculature

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