EOW-Cycling Fights Aging

Cycling is often called the “lifetime Sport” because it’s gentle on the body,and that many people can enjoy into their 70’s.and beyond. Studies show aerobic exercise such as bike riding can dramatically reverse many of the physiological changes that happen with aging.

Here are some potential health benefits, if you continue to make cycling a regular part of your life.

It affects your brain…The exercise enhances yor blood flow to the brain, reducing stroke risk and improves cognitive processing. when older people are tested for reasoning and memory skills, the best scores go to those go to those who remain active.

The strength and size of your muscles decrease by one percent a year, starting in your 30’s. With aerobic exercise, the decline doesn’t start until your 60s and resistance training is even more effective. The best approach is combining the two disciplines Riding and weight training. One study shows gains in aerobic capacity and leg strength in 70-year-olds who lift and ride.

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