EOW-Confidence- Eye on The Prize

This week we.re going to focus on the mental side of training and competition.

First, you must believe to achieve. You have to believe in yourself, to be your best self.

All successful athletes experience setbacks, and when they occur, they have to remain confident, and mentally tough.

Anything less leads to failure.

The key to commitment is self-confidence. You must believe you can achieve. Can you do it ?Do you believe in you?

Think like this… you were born to be confident. As a child you did a lot of risky things because you were sure you could do it.

Why would you think otherwise, Early failures and negative people can drain the confidence out of you.

Next week I’ll give you some exercises athletes use daily to build confidence and to keep iy up there.

On behalf of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, Be well and stay healthy, i’m Chuck Williams for KGNC’s Eye on Wellness.

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