EOW- Burnout

You are not going to quit your job!

Here are some ways to avoid burnout. Interrogate your urge to quit. The problem with quitting is it takes a lot of work.

Think of it like this, with what you were doing before, you usually end up working more hours. Hustling is mostly unpaid work.

You’ve got to find your two percent. There’s always pressure coming from the top and everything has to be done faster and more expensive.

Maybe you can’t so “No” to anyone, or you treat everything on your “to-do” list, as equally important.  You just set yourself up to be in the pressure cooker again

That’s the stuff that’s going to travel with you from place to place and burn you out again and again. Drill down and find your patterns.

Meaningful work can burn you out just as much as meaningless work. f you ngo to work, just to work, learn and be a part of the community.

You’ll probably be leading your field 20 years from now.

Check out work-sponsored wellness programs. Check out all the systems and processes you’ll be participating in and see what you can control and what you can’t.

take that small step at least towards controlling what you can.

On behalf of KGNC”S Wellness coach Rhonda Roden, Be well and Stay Healthy And for Eye on Wellness I’m Chuck Williams and I’ll catch you next week on Eye on Wellness on KGNC

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