EOW- Bounce Back From Injury

You can bounce back from an injury with a vengeance… Here’s how..


Acknowledge the pain. Admit you’re hurting. Eight times out of ten your body won’t lie to you.


Do mental muscle reps. Take time daily to improve your mental state, by doing a guided meditation. The meditations are a great mental reset.


Journal your progress and setbacks. This is good to journal progress. Start each day by recording daily affirmations, then write down how you were feeling. Good, bad, or indifferent.


Recover at a gentle pace. Don’t make another injury to another part of your body while trying to rehab your present injury.


The key is balance. You have to be intentional about that reset and energy to focus again.


And Respect your timeline… Don’t expect an injury to disappear overnight. It could take months. Expect some hiccups after all it’s a grind.


On Behalf of BSA Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be Well and Stay Healthy., I’m Chuck Williams and I’ll catch you next week on Eye on Wellness with another health tip on KGNC…


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