Education Credit Union And Amarillo College Bolster STEAM Education

Education in the community relies on strong partnerships and the Education Credit Union Foundation and Amarillo College have a firm one

 The Education Credit Union Foundation has awarded Amarillo College funds to establish five scholarships for students in STEM fields and in honor of the gift, the academic institution has co-branded one of its primary learning spaces in the STEM Research Center, renaming it the ECU Foundation STEM Lab.

Through ECU Foundation’s contribution of five scholarships, the College and its supporters have now funded 19 of the 30 envisioned scholarships.

Through the STEM Scholars Program, 15 first-year and 15 second-year students will receive approximately $4,500 in aid per year for up to 60 credit hours at Amarillo College.

The ECU Foundation was launched in 2022 by the Education Credit Union and will open a full-service branch on the Washington Street Campus in 2024.

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