DPS Tips Ahead of School Year

As the new school year approaches, the Texas Department of Public Safety reminds drivers to use extra caution in and around school zones and neighborhoods.

This includes knowing the Texas laws about driving near stopped school buses and not using cell phones when you’re behind the wheel. It also means utilizing the many safety resources available to parents, school staff and students.

DPS offers these tips for back to school safety.

Don’t block a crosswalk when stopped at a red light or stop sign.

Follow the directions of school crossing guards.

Watch for children on bicycles traveling to and from schools.

Reduce your speed when you spot a school bus and know children may unexpectedly step into the road without checking for oncoming traffic and makre sure you know laws regarding school buses.

Always obey speed limits and traffic laws in school zones.

Remember, texting while driving is illegal in Texas.

Finally, on Sept. 1st, 2021, DPS implemented the Active Shooter Alert System. The newly implemented alert system is designed to notify people in close proximity to an active shooter situation through cell phones, local broadcast media and Texas Department of Transportation Dynamic Message Signs to encourage people to avoid the area or shelter-in-place.

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