Don’t Bet On Texas Legalizing Gambling Just Yet!

(Washington, DC) — The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a federal ban on sports betting, giving New Jersey a clear path to legalizing it. The state had challenged the ban calling it unfair that gambling on sports has been allowed in Nevada and just a few other states. It’s believed that sports betting could become a ten-billion-dollar a year business in the Garden State. Sports betting at casinos and racetracks could begin in the next two weeks.  There is still no sports betting in Texas even after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of letting each state decide the issue. The Texas constitution strictly regulates most types of gambling. (Compiled from Metro News Source)

We do have a lottery in the state of Texas, how does that differ from legalized gambling? You pay money hoping that your numbers are chosen. Sports gambling is paying money hoping that your team wins a game. In sports gambling there is at least a little skill on the part of the team in determining the winner.  The lottery is just the luck of the draw. Both involve money being paid, the chance of winning and a potential payoff. If I were betting, I would say that the legalization of  gambling will come up before the Texas legislature or on an election ballot very soon.  What do you think?

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