Do You Have Annoying Neighbors?

Good ol’ neighbors!  Or, bad ol’ neighbors.  Which do you have?  A new in depth study by says that 54 per cent of us have annoying neighbors. And of the top cities with the MOST annoying neighbors, Dallas is number 1, followed by Miami and Austin.  Houston is number 9, and  San Antonio is 14.  We appear to have a lot of annoyed Texans.  (This survey was only conducted in large cities)

Biggest annoyances?  The top problems were; loud music, followed by loud voices, loud parties, parking issues and loud pets.  Ear plugs might help in 4 of the top 5 annoyances.  Please take our KGNC Instapoll and let us know about your neighbors.  Thank you!

Do you have annoying neighbors?

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