Distemper On The Rise In Amarillo

Distemper is on the rise in the Amarillo area, and Amarillo Management and Welfare are stepping up to treat it.

The shelter has recently euthanized several dogs because of the virus.

Two confirmed cases of dogs with distemper have been confirmed in the last 45 days.

The disease can be prevented by having your animal up to date on its vaccination schedule.

AAMW shelter officials say, according to the shelter’s daily report card, all in all, 37 dogs have already been euthanized, and they’re blaming it on a lack of vaccinations and strays and owner surrenders coming in.

There is no cure for distemper, and around last year at this time, a distemper outbreak caused the shelter to halt in-person adoptions.

For more information go online at amarillo.gov

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