Dementia Stress

The holiday season can be especially hard on those suffering from dementia.

Medical experts say it’s good to have family members come to your house, or their house where everything is in a familiar environment, and although you may have to alter some things, its important your loved one is included in the holiday festivities.

They go on to say the holidays can sometimes spark memories.

It could be the food, the smells, the baking, the taste of foods, but whatever you do, get all family members involved in the work it takes to prepare.

Make sure you let other family members know that their relative may have trouble recognizing faces, and they may need some help in the form of reminding them to do things, or reorienting them to their surroundings.

The Altzheimers Foundation of America says you should take safety steps that include. not letting the dementia patient use an electric blanket, take steps to prevent falls, and to watch out for wandering.


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