Daylight Saving Time! Do You Like It?

Daylight Saving time goes into effect Sunday at 2am. Turn your clock ahead one hour.  Everyone will lose an hour of sleep and most likely be a bit bleary-eyed and cranky for a few days after the change. Starting on Sunday the sunrise in Amarillo will be around 8am and sunset a little before 8pm. Some people love having more sunshine in the afternoons and evenings, while others (like me) who go to bed early like for it to be dark by that time. There is a group of people that think we should do away with day light saving time altogether.

Click Here To See More About The Campaign To Opt Out Of DST In Texas

We can’t even decide if it should be called “Daylight Saving Time” or “Daylight Savings Time.” It really doesn’t save anything? There is a post that has been going around on social media for several years where a Native American says something to the effect “Only a white man would think that you could cut the end off of a blanket, sew it on the other end and make the blanket longer.” I agree, only God can set the actual number of hours we get sunshine. Firefighters remind us that “time change weekend” is a great reminder to replace the batteries in your home smoke detector.

Do You Like Daylight Saving Time?

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