Commitment and Tenacity

For you to succeed on your mission to the podium, you need to have two things…commitment and tenacity.

There’s a time in every race when fatigue says “STOP”.

Your legs are on fire, your heart is pounding, and it hurts to breathe. You see others falling back.

They’ve accepted defeat, and their early-on determination in the race is gone.

To stop the pain, thoughts about giving up creep into your mind. 

Commitment is what makes you keep going.

Your training is what you have to rely on. Your training not only prepares your body but also your mind. That’s why training hard is important.

That last mile uphill climbs, and it’s starting to rain.

It’s that commitment that makes you keep going and that mindset is going to get you to the finish line.

Tenacity is cultivated by race-like training. To grow your workouts must  test your limits,

Challenging you to test your limits a few seconds or minutes longer.

Tenacity is the will to excel bordering on survival.

Tenacity is trainable for the highly committed rider or runner.

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