You’ve seen people host gender-reveal parties, but bigger kids want parties too. Now there’s a trend catching on for ‘college reveal parties.’ The concept is just what it sounds like– a high school graduate going off to college keeps his or her chosen college a secret until a party, at which time the party’s cake and decorations reveal the college. Marybeth Bock, a mom of two teens and a writer at the website Grown & Flown, said of the trend, “It’s hard not to admit that those college-colored cake pops are actually adorable and that table display with hand-painted letters is very clever. If someone can afford to go over the top for this event — that is obviously important to them — who are we to roll our eyes and share that we think it’s just ridiculous? But it’s also easy to acknowledge that this trend is yet another opportunity for people to be a tad insensitive. First of all, the indulgence of a college reveal party that is posted online is another in-your-face example of the disparity between the haves and the have nots.”

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