During Tuesday’s Council Meeting, a first reading was held to establish an ordinance allowing the use of golf carts in downtown Amarillo.

Some of the big items on the ordinance detailed included

  • It requires $1 million in liability insurance per cart.
  • It specifies duties of both the Owners and Operators of the carts It prohibits driving along Buchanan St. but allows the carts to cross Buchanan at street intersections.
  • It initially establishes an administrative fee of S20 per cart for a permit.
  • It provides a sunset clause of Dec. 3I,2OL9. This is ¡n anticipation that, between now and then, this registration/permit approach will be replaced with a franchísed sole provider of such service, based upon an RFP and franchise ordinance, both to be brought forward by separate action, later this year.

Director of Planning and Development Andrew Freeman.

Once there has been a 2nd reading, there will be a 6-month time period for anyone who wants to participate and after the 6 months, the city will look into a franchise deal.