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City of Amarillo Covid-19 Update

Officials with the City of Amarillo’s Public Health Department say about 70% of Nursing home staff and residents have tested negative for Covid-19.

Of those 14 homes that were tested, 10 of them had positive cases. 

There were 2,127 tests conducted with 23% still pending.

With an order for assisted living facilities still having tests out, the City could see another jump in numbers.

During the Covid-19 Zoom Meeting, It was said that both Northwest Texas and BSA are using Remdesivir for coronavirus patients.

NWTH has treated 15 patients and BSA has treated about five patients.

Dr. Milton said BSA has about 30 COVID-patients with 10 on ventilators and 14 in the ICU, which puts the ventilator capacity at about 60 percent.

NWTH has about 22 COVID-patients with four on ventilators and nine in the ICU which puts Ventilator use at about 28 percent and ICU capacity is about 61 percent.


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