City Employee Leading the Charge to Combat Mosquitos

As much as we all enjoy the summer time, almost all of us agree it comes with one glaring downside: mosquitos.

Amarillo may not be a swampland but there are still plenty of areas for the pests to reproduce, including the various ponds, lakes and playas.

Luckily we have someone like Zac Badrow, Environmental Health Specialist with the City of Amarillo, to help keep them in check.

Badrow is the head of the department in charge of performing mosquito abatement which includes duties such as spraying from the end of March all throughout the summer.

There are six to eight species of the bug in Amarillo, and Badrow needs all the help from residents he can get to manage them.

For information on Badrow or his department, or to find out what you can do to help, visit their website.

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