City Charter Citizens Committee: Meeting One In The Books

The first meeting of the citizen’s committee charged with changes and amendments to our current City Charter lasted 90 minutes Thursday evening. 

Freda Powell was chosen to serve as Chairperson, while Gary Pitner will serve as Vice Chair.

Of note, committee members Sandra McCartt and Toby Hudson raised interesting questions, including how many cities comparable to Amarillo have council-appointed attorneys, and are there any cities in Texas that use cumulative voting like our school districts and Amarillo College use?

These questions arose as Dennis Hawkins of Baker Tilly conducted an overview of the review created for the committee, which also includes councilmembers Tom Scherlen and Les Simpson.

In summary of the meeting, Hawkins noted the focus of the next meeting, set for next Thursday, should be clarification of the Texas Voting Rights to be presented by former City Attorney Mick McKamie. Council size; possibly expanding from 5 to 7, and Term Length will also be on the docket for next week.

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