Citizen Gets Feedback from City Officials on Coronavirus Concerns

During Newsday Amarillo, a concerned citizen called in to discuss something that has him wondering how serious the residents of Amarillo are taking the CDC recommendations to social distance.

Patrick Lippencott of Amarillo says he was running errands when he drove by a private golf course that had a group of what looked like 20 or 30 golfers, not practicing social distancing. He says he’s frustrated that private golf courses are still up and running amid the COVID-19 outbreak, especially when the golfers are not taking the social distancing guidelines seriously and private golf clubs are acting as if they are “above” the business closure recommendations.

Patrick’s concerns were heard on-air during Newsday Amarillo by many listeners, including Mayor Pro Tem Frieda Powell.

The same day we aired Patrick’s frustrations, Powell called our news desk here at KGNC AM and asked us to get her in contact with him.

Patrick Lippencott called us back the very next day, where we discussed the conversation he had with Mayor Pro Tem Frieda Powell. He says he’s happy to know his frustrations have been heard and that the City of Amarillo is actively seeking a solution.

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