Chick-Fil-A Says They Would Have Been A Chick-Fil-Lop

Chick-fil-A has many loyal followers, and in a recent blog post, the fast food chain revealed four recipes that were potential menu items, but didn’t make the cut. The first was a Biscuit Cinnamon Roll, a doughy sweet roll covered with cinnamon, butter, sugar, and icing– it was scrapped because it was too difficult to replicate across all restaurants. The next cut item was a Chicken Quesadilla, made with chicken nuggets and cheese, but that one took too long to make. Another tested item that didn’t make it was the Cranberry Orange Bagel with cream cheese spread on the side– that one was determined to be too far ahead of its time, so it was scrapped. Finally, the Rosemary Garlic Flatbread Wrap actually made it to menus in a few test cities, but it wasn’t as well-received as the company wanted, and so it was scrapped as well.

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