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Building Your Immune System

Your immune system is very complicated, Fortunately keeping it in shape is very simple.and with Covid-19 amping up all kinds of strangeness as well in the wellness market, these few tips may help.

Leave the supplements on the shelf… The bottom line is save time and money on supplements that promote easy fixes and focus on doing things that can keep the immune system running smoothly.

Get your sleep.. Too little makes more people susceptible to illness. and not sleeping enough decreases the production of a protein that helps the innate immune system.

Exercise, another immune function big issue produces key immune proteins called cytokines and helps white blood cells go through your body.

Regular workouts also helps reduce stress.

Bring on the professionals.. the proven and effective way boost to your system is a vaccine. They contain pathogens that act as training materials spurring the production of antibodies and teaching the adaptive immune system to fight off the pathogen if it shows up for real.

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On behalf of Care Express Eye on Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be Well and Stay Healthy, I’m Chuck Williams and I’ll see you next week with another Wellness tip on KGNC

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