Borger Man Gets 60 Years in Prison

Twenty-nine-year-old Alex Hernandez Orona was sentenced to 60 years in prison, concurrent with 25 years for a third-degree felony for evading arrest in a motor vehicle.

Orona was arrested by Carson County police in July 2022 after a police chase.

The chase began on Highway 60, east of Panhandle when he refused to pull over, and instead of stopping, he did a U-turn and sped away into oncoming traffic.

The high-speed chase ended after law enforcement forced his car into a ditch just ten miles north of Panhandle.

The Borger man, according to the 100th Judicial Court documents, had prior convictions that enhanced the punishment range from 25 to 99 years to life.

The District Attorney says the 60-year sentence should give Ordona plenty of time to reflect on his actions in trying to run over a cop.


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