Atmos Energy Contributes $100,000 To Amarillo Area Foundation For Wildfire Relief

Atmos Energy has contributed $100,000 to the Amarillo Area Foundation in aid of the Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund.

As stated in a press release, this donation is part of Atmos Energy’s Fueling Safe and Thriving Communities initiative and is earmarked for wildfire recovery efforts in the Texas Panhandle.

Kerelee Clay, Senior Vice President of the Amarillo Area Foundation, expressed appreciation for Atmos Energy’s generosity, emphasizing the significant role this contribution will play in providing both immediate and continuing support to communities impacted by the recent devastating wildfires.

According to the press release, Atmos Energy’s Fueling Safe and Thriving Communities program is committed to:

– Empowering young minds and promoting healthy futures for children

– Honoring and expressing gratitude to community heroes

– Fostering hope and cultivating growth among neighbors

Becky Palmer, President of the West Texas region at Atmos Energy, acknowledged the impact of the recent wildfires on the region’s residents, stating, “The wildfires from several weeks ago have had an immediate and lasting impact on many lives in our area. We are honored to support their cause with this funding as we work together to enhance the quality of life for Texas Panhandle residents.”

The Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund is dedicated to offering immediate and sustained aid to individuals affected by disasters in the Panhandle region.

Story by Madelin Brooke.

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