At What Age Should Kids Get Their First Cell Phone?

Have you ever seen this, a toddler playing with a cell phone. Was it their phone or did it belong to their parents? I believe that a child should be old enough to be responsible with a cell phone before they get one. They need to know not to lose it, break it or abuse it. A recent online poll (TellWut) says that 42% of parents think that 14-16 is the perfect age for kids to get their first cell phone, 30% say ages 11-13, 21% say 17 or over, 6% says ages 8-10 and 1% say ages 5-7. Kids having a cell phone could be a great thing so that they can call for help from anywhere. It might drive you nuts though when you call them, and call them, and call them and they don’t answer because they know it is you.

At What Age Should A Child Get Their First Cell Phone?

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