Are You Still Using Facebook As Much As You Used To?

For all the data privacy controversy Facebook has been dealing with recently, the social media behemoth is a daily part of life for a significant majority of online Americans. A new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs research poll found that 61 percent of Americans who use the Internet go to Facebook at least once a day. Twelve percent said they use it “almost constantly,” 34 percent use it several times a day, and 15 percent use it once a day, with just 12 percent of online Americans saying they don’t have a Facebook account. There is a difference by gender, with 57 percent of women saying they check Facebook more than once a day compared to 36 percent of men, and younger people under 30 are more like to use it more than once a day than older people. Instagram is far behind in second place as the most popular social media site, with 17 percent of Americans saying they check it throughout the day, followed by Snapchat at 10 percent, Twitter at seven percent, WhatsApp at five percent and Reddit at four percent. (Associated Press)

Do You Still Use Facebook At Least Once Per Day?

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