The Amarillo Police Department is alerting the public of another phone scam.

The APD has received information from citizens who are receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The caller states that the citizens are wanted and then ask for identifying information including their social security number.

APD contacted the local DEA office and confirmed this is a scam.

Officials with the DEA said they will not call citizens about ongoing investigations and they definitely won’t ask for identifying information over the phone. They advised if they need to talk to a citizen, they will go out in person and make contact with that citizen.

Remember, if you are receiving phone calls from someone claiming you’ve won something, you owe something, or you have warrants or unpaid fines, bills, tickets, it is MOST LIKELY a scam.

Legitimate companies will send you correspondence through the United States Postal Service, they will not call you on the phone and ask you for your personal identifying information over the phone.

If you receive calls like this, ALWAYS verify the source, BEFORE you give them any information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Amarillo PD Crime Prevention unit at 806-378-4257.