APD Holiday Safety Tips

Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, Amarillo Police are shaking up the box to keep the public safe and keeping officers on patrol.

Corporal Jeb Hilton says the department has an alternate plan to keep staffing numbers up for the patrol division especially since dealing with a lot of people out due to high risk exposure.

Hilton says the department will pull detectives or other specialized units to make sure they have the coverage they need to serve the city.

Hilton also has some safety tips for the holiday season. He points out that if you’re going to be out of town tell a neighbor you trust to keep an eye out on your house and maybe turn on different lights at night.

Another safety tip is avoiding posting pictures on social media. Photos and information about your trip with your dates because you never know who is looking online.

Hilton suggests you wait until you come back to post those photos.

He finally suggests to not use large sized yard decorations that have the potential to give crooks a place to hide.

And, installing smart locks to your doors as often times criminals will enter a house through a back door.

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