Amatech Opens New Student-Run Kiosk

Amarillo AmTech officials say a student Based Enterprise has opened a new mobile kiosk, Monday at the Career academy at 3601 Plains Boulevard.

The Kiosk, called AmTech Gear, operates from 8;20 a.m. to 3;30 and offers a variety of products and services to its market on campus.

The new store will be run totally by students at the academy and they will be responsible for every part of the ownership, including, Marketing sales and inventory management.

It will bring convenience because it can move locations and make for simple product distribution.

It’s a student-based enterprise created and run by entrepreneurial-minded students and DECA members in the Business, Marketing, and Finance Pathways.

For more information go to the AmTech Career Academy websiteAmTech New Kiosk Opens

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