Amarillo Social Club Hosting Fundraiser for Tascosa Junior

The Amarillo Social Club will be hosting a poker tournament to raise funds for Tascosa junior Aiden Cardenas.

Aiden was diagnosed in his sophomore year of high school with Senior-Loken Syndrome, a disease that affected his kidneys and eventually resulted in renal failure.

The tournament will be held at 1619 South Kentucky Street on April 2nd at 2 pm, and the money raised will help Cardenas pay for a much-needed kidney transplant.

The buy-in for the fun will be $100 and buybacks will be possible, with half of the entry fee benefiting Cardenas and the other half going into the prize pool.

For more information on the tournament or to find out what you can do to help, contact Cecilia Adkins at (806) 433-5107.

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