Amarillo Septic Wastewater Site Problems

The Hollywood Road Wastewater Drop off-site is no longer operating at full capacity.

Since an overflow earlier this year – and because of flooding – the facility has not recovered. 

Prior to the overflow and flooding, companies could easily come and dump contents from septic systems without scheduling in advance. 

Now, the city is now implementing a scheduling system to ensure the wastewater system can handle the load.

Assistant City Manager, Floyd Hartman says extensive repairs are needed to bring the Hollywood Road site back up to full capacity.

Septic tank companies in the area are struggling to find places to dump wastewater since the plant has to close down every few days.

The closest wastewater site accepting Amarillo septic waste is in Lubbock and this would bring on extra costs.

There are other wastewater plants in town, but only one allows drop-off.

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