Amarillo Scammer Beware

Amarillo Police are warning the public that scammers are going into high gear.

They’re telling people that scammers can spoof any phone number and claim to be anyone they want.

Spoofing is defined as altering a phone number that shows on the caller’s I.D. in order to pretend to be someone else, and scammers can make it look like they’re calling from any business or phone number.

Online shopping and the holiday season are being blamed for the increase in spam calls as well as texts.

Some of the most popular scams include Xcel Energy, Social Security, I.R.S. Amazon, Craig’s List, and even local law enforcement.

Federal Trade Commission officials say Americans lost at least 30 billion dollars due to scams in 2020

Amarillo police are warning when you’re approached by a phone scammer slow down, don’t answer or hang up and make sure you’re cautious with your information.

If you think you’ve been scammed call the Better Business Bureau or the FTC to file a report.


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