Amarillo National Bank To Assist During Government Shutdown

In the wake of the current partial government shutdown, Amarillo National Bank will defer loan payments for its customers who are not receiving their regular paychecks. This applies to any federal government employees or defense contractors who have accounts, mortgages or consumer loans with Amarillo National Bank.

ANB’s President, William Ware says the bank will assist it’s customers as long as the government is closed.

ANB will offer forbearances on mortgage payments for up to six months or until the government shutdown ends—whichever comes first. Any credit reporting will be suspended and all late fees will be waived during this time. Mortgage consumers with questions or phone calls may contact Mortgage Loan Servicing collectors at 806-378-8090.

All installment loans to customers affected by the shutdown will defer the next scheduled payment to the end of the note. If the shutdown continues, ANB will likely approve additional deferments. For help with your installment loan please contact 806-378-8220.