Amarillo Matters To Begin Digital And Social Media Campaign For Vet School

Amarillo Matters have begun a digital and social media campaign to engage and share support for the Texas Tech veterinary school.

The grassroots effort is aimed at building support. Amarillo Matters President Jason Herrick says, “There is so much support for this project and we felt it was important to give all of the supporters a voice, a way for them to say we support this project and our state needs it.”

Steve Pair of Amarillo Matters:


Amarillo Matters is working towards building and assembling a coalition of communities, organizations, and supporters who believe in what the school stands for.

Agricultural businesses and organizations throughout Texas support the establishment of Texas Tech’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Support comes from dairymen and ranchers, cattle feeders, regional communities, chambers of commerce, as well as rural veterinary practitioners.

You can find a number of partners and supporters here, where you can also learn more about their efforts and sign a petition.