Amarillo Education Association Petition For Safer Schools During Covid

The Amarillo Education Association has started a petition to call on the school board to reconsider some of the measures they are taking in the fight against Covid-19.

Aaron Phillips, President of the A E A, says some of the items they’re asking for in the petition is for the District to hire enough staff to fully separate remote and face to face teaching duties, if the hospitalization rate remain above 15 percent.

Phillips stresses that the AISD needs to do all they can to make sure students and staff stay as safe as possible.

He goes on to say the rank and file isn’t necessarily failing them but since this a governance issue they want the school board to take action.

Phillips also says that with the death of one staff member and one student, more actions need to be taken.

So far the AEA wants to present the petition before the Christmas break next month.

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