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“Amarillo Connected” Starting Implementation This Week

Photo: Alphamedia USA

The City of Amarillo, partnered with Impact Broadband and Mimosa by Airspan, are starting their implementations for their “Amarillo Connected” Project.

The foundation is to connect Amarillo with low-cost broadband initially to link students to broadband for learning purposes and in the long goal to further assist refugees and give access to communities all throughout the panhandle. 

Rich Gagnon, Chief Information Officer and Head of the project foresee the growing divide between the communities that are connected with those who are not.

The solution the partners have come up with is through radio transmission of broadband to central hubs, so the cable does not have to run to individual houses, and will not suffer the loss of speed or signal with weather or distance. 

The start of the testing phase starts on the 14th, with the proof of concept tower, and coordination with the Amarillo Independent School District will determine where transmitters for individuals are needed.

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