Amarillo City Council Takes On Abortion Issue

Amarillo’s City Council took on the issue of abortion at it’s Monday meeting.

Dozen of speakers packed the nearly seven-hour marathon meeting with emotional appeals both for and against creating an ordinance to make Amarillo a sanctuary city for the unborn.

One pro-life advocate testified before the Council that life is not cheap, implanted by outside forces.

Other arguments centered around its not the city’s responsibility to dictate medical choice or morality.

Members of the council and crowd mentioned a proposed ordinance similar to ones that have been previously approved by Lubbock County, the City of Odessa and others.

Monday, Lubbock’s City council passed an ordinance that dealt with abortion-related travel, putting individuals at risk of civil lawsuits for transporting women to a clinic for an abortion.

There are no formal draft ordinances for the Amarillo Council to consider at this time

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