AgriLife Adjusts to New Norms During Covid; Improvements Coming in 2021

While life on the farm or ranch hasn’t changed much during 2020, the day-to-day operations of organizations like Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Research have changed dramatically.

Danny Nusser, North Region Program Leader for AgriLife, says they were already offering some of their courses online, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced them to take those online courses to the next level. Producers who needed auxin training, for example, were still able to but it was more than likely online. Even CEUs and 4-H Registration were offered via virtual class.

But, that’s not to say AgriLife didn’t have it’s share of struggles in adapting to this “new normal”. Nusser says it’s been a fluid situation, assessing covid-19 cases by county and taking each day in stride to try and get back to in-person programs.

Listen as Nusser explains the difficulties of this adaptation, as well as the positives Texas A&M AgriLife has gained in the past year. Looking to 2021 and beyond he sees the possibility for more hybrid learning situations, multifaceted engagement opportunities and much success for our farming and ranching communities.

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