Ag-Ruminating About Cotton’s Waiting Game

A year in which many farmers in the Texas Panhandle made their first venture into cotton truly turned out to be a really challenging one.

Weather issues hindered the crop, especially that abnormally cool and wet August we had that kind of put the brakes on our local’s cotton development at time when it should have been experiencing robust growth. In late September and early October the weather became a little more cotton-friendly, but how successful cotton was in bouncing back remains to be seen. Results will vary from field to field.

I can’t help but think that the past couple days, and our forecast for this weekend, must be kind of frustrating for cotton farmers. These beautiful, sunny days are precisely the kind of weather that might have enabled the growing season to go on a little longer, let cotton develop a little more, and produce some better yields. But, that hard freeze our region had Saturday morning pretty much brought an abrupt halt to things for cotton, so the nice days we’re having right now probably won’t help much.

With harvest accelerating, we wait to see what sort of yield reports the region’s cotton farmers wind up getting. Hopefully, we’re about to hear some really good news.

If you’d like to share some observations on how cotton turned out in your area, send me an email at



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