Adderal Manufactuing Shortage

The Panhandle is feeling the effects of a nationwide Adderal shortage.

The shortage has been declared by Food and Drug Administration which says the deficit is due to manufacturing delays.

However, health experts say the shortage is not rare and that it has happened near the end of the year and they’ve had to scramble. They are saying in the past manufacturing delays have been a contributing factor and some of that is only second to labor shortages.

Some Amarillo pharmacies say most of their patients are able to get their needed medications, but the pharmacies have to get it from different manufacturers, just another brand.

Amarillo Pharmaceutical Care Center at Texas Tech Physicians is looking at back order problems seeing a shortage, but are working it out by working with patient providers to find available strengths and dosages to get the patients through.

Other chain drugstores like Walgreens and CVS are also seeing supply issues with the generic form of the drug like D-amphetamine salts in either capsule or tablet form.

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