AC Returned From University of North Texas with Awards

Amarillo College was honored thanks to 14 students in student media winning awards at the Texas Community College Journalism Association Convention on November 11th. 

The contest recognized student work from the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters. 

The biggest accolades from the competition were Overall Excellence in Magazine and first place recognitions for Audio and Video News. 

There were also workshops that AC students had the opportunity to go to at the convention, learning from industry professionals around the Dallas Fort Worth Area. 

This was the first conference held with the TCCJA since the beginning of the pandemic, and next year is planned to take place at Lamar University in Beaumont. 

Full list of AC awards won:

Critical Review: 
Jo Early- Honorable mention

Column Writing: 
Raygan Lopez- Honorable mention

Audio News: 
Raygan Lopez- First place

Environmental Portrait: 
Shawn McCrea- Third place

Magazine Cover Design:
Kamden Slough- Third place

News Photo:
Raygan Lopez- Third place

Non-Journalism Story:
Kamden Slough- Third place

Open Audio Production:
Raygan Lopez and Nick Bandy- Third place
Aidan Blankinship and Ruben Alemon- Second place

Video News: 
Daniel Antillon- Second place
Aidan Blankinship- First place

Overall Excellence in Magazine:
Phoebe Terry, Kamden Slough, Faith Chamberlain, and Rebekah Higgins


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