A.U.W. Status Report

The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon has released its latest community status report.

The report is a tool for the community and organizations to strategically plan for the upcoming year. 

The report focused on ten things to know about the community including educational achievement, reasons for child removal due to neglect, family violence, population, mental health, and more.

 Other contributing factors include foster care, food insecurity, homelessness, and Asset Limited, Income, Constrained, and Employed

The organizations are coming together to find solutions to fix these issues. The report will help shape and refine the strategic approaches to improve the quality of life for Amarillo and Canyon residents

Adam Leathers, senior director of community impact, says they focused more on the foster care system this year. Some key takeaways were that things looked good economically and there’s a low unemployment rate, but some people are still struggling to make ends meet..

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