A Grave Decision? Alcohol At Funerals.

According to The Journal Gazette, a funeral home in Indiana is offering to help grieving families in a special way — by offering alcohol during memorial services. Owners of the Scott Funeral Home say they got a liquor license and started offering alcohol because of customer requests. Some of their services include simple champagne toasts, while others offer a full open bar, all with the goal of helping people grieve the death of — and celebrate the life of — the deceased.

Hoosier grief? I thought wakes were for this very purpose.

This reminds me of something that happened years ago in the upper echelon of my family. This was the society, wealthy portion of my family. (It didn’t trickle down) Anyway, a 2nd cousin of mine suddenly passed away and many elite members of society were at the funeral and burial. Suddenly at the grave site media trucks rolled up followed by dozens of members of a very notorious motorcycle gang. They jumped off their bikes (some were carrying shovels, others beer cans) and began shoveling dirt and beer cans into poor cousin’s still open grave. Turns out he was a prominent member of said notorious motorcycle gang, and no one in the family knew! You can only imagine the horror of my distant family members. But those bikers had a peachy time chugging beers and singing songs while giving 2nd cousin a “proper” biker burial. I am certain at that very moment some of my kin could’ve used a good stiff shot at an open bar.

I’m still not certain though that serving alcohol at a funeral is a good idea. There ARE some marketing opportunities. Unhappy hour specials. 2 for 1 zombie drinks. Okay, that’s too creepy. Do you like the idea of alcohol at funerals?

What do you think about having alcohol served at funerals?

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