A Dog-Ged Study. Dogs Okay In Bed!

Do you ever wonder which study to trust? One study says one thing, then another contradicts, and on and on. Well dog lovers rejoice! It’s now OKAY to have your dog sleep with you. Doctor Lois Krahan, a sleep specialist at Mayo Clinic has long been against sleeping with a dog in the bed. The fact that so many dog owners disagreed gave Dr. Krahan “paws”, so she did her own study, which showed pet owners with dogs in their bedrooms spent 7.9 hours in bed each night, on average, and 6.7 hours sleeping — matching community norms for sleep length and efficiency. The good doctor even said, “Many people actually find comfort and a sense of security from sleeping with their pets.” So hop on in Spot, or whatever your dog’s name is.
Personally, not that I’m qualified to debate a Mayo clinic specialist, I disagree. However, my disagreement applies only to MY situation. Mac Wee Bit is a full (Lassie) sized Collie. As much as I love her, she thinks the bed is HER bed, and I am the intruder. So now, Mac Wee Bit gets to sleep on FLOOR next to the bed. Sorry Weebie. Every now and then she tries to sneak, but that’s difficult for a full sized Collie. Bless her little furry heart!
Do you sleep better with your dog in bed?

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