Bell Textron Completes Delivery

Bell Textron, Inc has celebrated its delivery of the 189th AH-1z Viper to the Marine Corps which completes the Program of Record for the latest version of the H-1 platform.

Bell completed the UH-1Y POR of 160 aircraft in 2018, bringing the combined H-1 POR to 349 aircraft.

Bell has been producing the H-1s for the U.S. military since 1959, and originally designed them for the U.S. Army with the flamboyant “HUEY”.

The current generation AH-1Z Viper and the UH-1Y Venom are being touted as the most agile, mobile, and survivable combination of aircraft used by the Department of Defense

The 85% common platforms are the only two aircraft that share so much commonality, providing the Marines with logistical agility and reduced operating costs.

Bell is now transitioning to foreign military sales

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